Dodgeball Is The Key To Repairing Fractured Relationships In Desta: The Memories Between

Developer Ustwo games burst out of the mobile gate in 2014 with Monument Valley, a gorgeous, simple puzzle game about moving through environments likely inspired by the art of M.C. Escher. The studio iterated and expanded on the core Monument Valley idea in the game’s 2017 sequel, but for its new game, Desta: The Memories Between, UStwo is going in a much different, less ambiguous direction. Only the isometric perspective of Monument Valley remains.

During GameSpot’s Swipe mobile showcase, the game’s developers explained how Desta: The Memories Between works and the inspirations behind it. I also had the chance to spend an extended period of time with the game and play its opening hours.

In Desta: The Memories Between, you play as the titular Desta who decides to visit home after many years and repair fractured relationships with childhood friends and family, but most importantly, their mother. With that story setup in place, Desta returns to their childhood room and falls into a dream, which is where the actual gameplay takes place.

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Author: Kyle Hilliard