Apple did raise prices with the iPhone 14 and Watch Series 8 — just not in the US or China

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It bragged about its starting prices being the same, but that’s not universal. | Nick Barclay / The Verge

When Apple announced the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, it was quick to point out that the phones start at the same prices as their predecessors, despite rumors that they would cost more this year. Likewise, the Apple Watch Series 8 also got a few upgrades, but is still selling for the same price as the Series 7. As CNBC points out, though, those devices have gotten price bumps in several other countries, including the UK, Australia, Japan, Ireland, and Germany.

In some cases, getting Apple’s latest devices will cost significantly more now than last year. In the UK, for example, the iPhone 14 now costs £849, whereas the 13 started at £779. The Apple Watch is less of a jump but is still more expensive, with the Series 8 starting at £419, up from…

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Author: Mitchell Clark