After Shelving The Nearly Finished Movie, WB CFO Says Batgirl Situation Was Blown Out Of Proportion

A month after Warner Bros. Discovery abruptly shelved Batgirl in August, which was deep into post-production and nearing release, CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels says the resulting media coverage was “blown out of proportion.” According to Deadline, Wiedenfels made a number of remarks regarding the decision at the Bank of America Media, Communications, and Entertainment Conference.

“Media likes to talk about media, I guess,” Wiedenfels reportedly said when asked whether the company’s reputation in the talent community and agency business had taken a hit in the aftermath of the Batgirl decision and a number of other HBO Max show cancellations.

The media was not alone in responding to and taking notice of the admittedly ugly decision. Understandably, actor Ivory Aquino, who was cast as Barbara Gordon’s roommate Alysia Yeoh in Batgirl, started a Twitter thread publicly reaching out to David Zaslav–president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery–on what the movie means to her and everyone else involved in its production. It also later came out that the studio held “funeral screenings” for Batgirl and other movies that were casualties of the new leadership.

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Author: David Wolinsky