Watch NASA’s massive new rocket crawl toward its first launch

A rocket on top of a platform against a deep blue sky.
NASA’s SLS rocket during its first roll out to the launch pad for a dress rehearsal in March 2022 | Photo by Loren Grush / The Verge

NASA’s giant Space Launch System will start its first journey into space with a slow crawl along the ground. The first window for the rocket’s highly anticipated launch will open on August 29th, and for once in its extremely long development history, everything is running ahead of schedule.

The original plan was to roll out the Space Launch System (SLS) this Thursday, but earlier this week, NASA decided to accelerate that schedule and announced it would start moving on August 16th. Tonight, the SLS will begin its trip by leaving the massive building where it has been carefully assembled and examined and head out to its launchpad. It’s roughly a four-mile trip but could take about 11 hours to complete.

SLS is NASA’s next big rocket,…

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Author: Mary Beth Griggs