Another sign of post-pandemic podcast fatigue

The number of Latinos who listen to podcasts on a monthly basis has declined, according to a new study.

Surprise! I had a bit of a vacation detour, so I am back for a two-day stint before taking off again Thursday. The TL;DR of my trip is that Sweden is great — let’s all move there and take our four weeks of summer vacation and eat princess cake.

It is a slow week in the podcast world, but Jake has kindly helped me compile some news (just kidding, he did like 75 percent of it).

Also, I will be at Podcast Movement next week! Give me a shout if you’ll be there, too.

Report: the number of Latino monthly podcast listeners has decreased

After growing substantially in 2021, the number of Latino Americans that listen to podcasts has stalled, according to a new report from Edison Research and Libsyn. However, the findings also demonstrated a…

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Author: Ariel Shapiro