Why Prey Gives The Predator A Horrifying Primal Redesign

When Prey arrives on Hulu on August 5, fans will notice some big changes to the Predator (Yaujta) design. It may be a surprise to those watching, and the alien hunter’s look was certainly a surprise to the cast as well. However, there’s a reason for all of this.

While Prey is advertised as a prequel, it doesn’t deal with any of the characters–or locations for that matter–from the previous movies, so the folks behind the movie could essentially do what they wanted. And this lead to the creation of the Yaujta we see in the movie, which is a bit more primal.

“Because it’s set 300 years prior to the original, there’s sort of this narrative need that this thing look a little different, in terms of what it’s wearing, what it’s equipped with,” director Dan Trachtenberg told GameSpot. “But after taking this opportunity–saying maybe this is from a different part of the hemisphere, or what have you–the movie could carry with it the same kinds of surprises that the original had. What was so great about that first movie was that it was exciting to see this cloaked being and then it was exciting to see it in masked form, and then it was exciting to see it in its final form. I wanted this to have the same set of surprises, even for diehard fans. So changing up a little bit allowed us to deliver on that. And then also all of the unique weaponry, some things that feel like their earlier iterations of the stuff we’ve seen before. And then, you know, a few new toys for us to enjoy.”

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Author: Mat Elfring