Rift Of The Necrodancer Announced Alongside New DLC For the Classic Rhythm Roguelike

A trailer for a brand-new Crypt of the Necrodancer DLC also unveiled an upcoming standalone game in the series: Rift of the Necrodancer.

The trailer showed off a logo and promised more news soon. Other details of the game are still upcoming, though the trailer confirmed that Rift of the Necrodancer is a new standalone rhythm game.

The DLC, Crypt of the Necrodancer: Synchrony, adds three new characters, multiplayer, and mod support to the beloved musical roguelite. It’s also out now on Steam on Early Access. The new characters are Klarinetta, a knight wielding a massive Zweihänder, Chaunter, a ghostly being who can possess enemies, and Suzu, an oni with a quick dash and a powerful lance.

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Author: Grace Benfell