Metroidvania Fallen Tear: The Ascension Injects Story-Driven Elements With Its JRPG And Anime Inspirations

Fallen Tear: The Ascension is the debut title for Winter Crew, a Philippines-based studio. The upcoming metroidvania takes inspiration from its creators’ culture, featuring 2D art, fully-voiced characters, and a story-driven adventure based on Southeast Asian folklore. As seen in Fallen Tear’s new gameplay trailer, the main characters also take plenty of inspiration from Fullmetal Alchemist’s Seven Deadly Sins–aka, the best characters in the manga/anime–with protagonist Hira’s appearance and abilities being notably based on best boy Greed.

Though Hira evolves like your traditional metroidvania protagonist, unlocking new abilities over time, Fallen Tear differs from a lot of other games in the genre by implementing a JRPG companion system, where meeting and befriending certain characters–referred to in-game as Fated Bonds–allows you to recruit them to your party and then call on them to use their attacks or abilities to aid you. You can even strengthen the relationships among your friends, allowing them to come together to pull off unique combinations–like singer Lenela, dancer Nesta, and guitarist Trystan performing a musical number so beautiful, it can bring you back to life to keep fighting.

Combat in Fallen Tear looks fast and fluid, focusing on melee combos where Hira can use his staff both up close or at range–including a cool-looking attack where he can toss out the staff and then call it back to his hand. Navigation, meanwhile, seems a lot more based on timing and careful consideration, not unlike what’s in the Ori games.

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Author: Jordan Ramée