A leaked Tomb Raider script is looking pretty legit now that Square Enix DMCA’d it

tomb raider

Ever heard of the Streisand effect? It’s when someone tries to suppress information, only to wind up spreading it even further than it might have otherwise traveled.

For example: Last week, I might have been skeptical if you told me a podcaster got their hands on a casting script for the next Tomb Raider game — one which reveals that a older, lonely Lara Croft may dodge lasers in a “gravity tomb” and engage in a romance with another female character.

But if you also told me that the head lawyer at Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics immediately sent a DMCA takedown notice — one where he attested under penalty of perjury that the podcast infringed on the studio’s intellectual property — I would absolutely think that script and those…

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Author: Sean Hollister