This Mobile Game Creation Bundle Is An Excellent Value

If you’ve got a unique idea for a mobile game floating around in your head, now might be the time to bring it to life. GameSpot Deals is offering The Definitive Game Making Collection Software Bundle for just $99, which includes both AppGameKit and GameGuru to help you get started in the world of game development.

AppGameKit is the main attraction of this bundle, as it’s an easy-to-learn tool that’ll get you up and coding in no time. Both AppGameKit Classic and Studio are included–letting you develop games for Steam, iOS, Android, and other platforms. You’ll also get a bunch of asset packs to get the ball rolling and help you launch a prototype of your game without the need to hunt down an artist or purchase premium content.

GameGuru isn’t a professional tool like AppGameKit, but it lets you build your own virtual worlds without the need for much coding. Instead, it largely relies on a drag-and-drop interface and comes with hundreds of built-in assets. Basically, it’s a standalone map editor you’d find in some games.

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Author: Jon Bitner