Madden 23 Finally Has An Answer For Scrambling, Deep-Ball QBs, Says Producer

When Madden 23 launches this month, it will come, as always, with several much-touted new features, such as an on-the-field overhaul, collectively called Fieldsense, as well as new wrinkles to the game’s Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise mode, and more. With just days to go before launch and a day-zero patch now made public, Madden gameplay producer Clint Oldenburg says the major takeaway from the beta is that the always-vocal Madden fanbase is in lockstep with EA Tiburon when it comes to what this year’s game should look, play, and feel like.

“The two most active pieces of feedback from the beta were, ‘don’t significantly change gameplay for launch’ and ‘please don’t nerf the pass coverage,'” Oldenburg told GameSpot. “And we were really excited to get that feedback, because not only did we spend a lot of time working on pass coverage to bring more balance to the deep-passing game, we also brought an increase in pass rush.” The fact that players’ biggest request so far has essentially been “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” bodes well for launch, Oldenburg believes.

Madden 23 is focused greatly on “bringing more balance to the defensive side of the ball,” Oldenburg said, and the beta helped greatly in finding the right balance between giving players more influence on defense while still holding true to the league Madden mimics–one that is now pass-happier and higher-scoring than ever before.

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Author: Mark Delaney