Batgirl Film Shelved By Warner Bros. Even Though It Finished Shooting

The Batgirl film, which was expected to hit HBO Max sometime this year as a streaming-exclusive picture, has been shelved by Warner Bros. Discovery, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The strangest part of this decision is that Batgirl had already completed shooting–meaning that the actors’ work on the film was essentially done. The move reportedly comes as a result of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav wanting to refocus on theatrical releases just a couple of years after Warner Bros. shattered the theatrical mold and began releasing films to HBO Max and theaters day-and-date to combat COVID-related theatrical shortcomings.

According to the NY Post, Batgirl was performing so poorly in early test screenings that it led the company to cut its losses, with a source calling the film “irredeemable.”

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Author: Eric Frederiksen