Go read this story about the guy behind RadioShack’s sex-crazed Twitter account

Radio Shack Declares Bankruptcy
RadioShack: dying IRL, thriving on social. | Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

There are no good, practical, rational reasons to care about RadioShack anymore. So what do you do when your once-venerable electronics store goes the way of Blockbuster, Sears, and the local mall? You get super horny on the internet, apparently.

Input has a very good, very fun story today about RadioShack’s increasingly unhinged and sex-crazed Twitter account, and the marketing executive who runs it. “You really have to make an impression in order to basically get known with youngsters,” Ábel Czupor, RadioShack’s chief marketing officer, told Input. (Czupor didn’t share his age, but appears in photos to be much younger than the average person who uses words like “youngsters.”) Czupor says there’s a team of people thinking about…

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Author: David Pierce