David Harbour Called Ryan Reynolds For Help On Dealing With A Flop

In a recent interview, actor David Harbour spoke a bit about the Stranger Things season finale (he hasn’t seen it yet) and at greater length about surviving the notable failure that was Neil Marshall’s 2019 Hellboy reboot. Harbour led the reboot, and told GQ how he managed to get through its frosty reception.

“I know [Ryan Reynolds] a little bit,” Harbour said. “I called him and was like, ‘Hey man, I just need to know something. You know Green Lantern? Huge flop for you. What the f*** is that like, because I think I’m going to hit that right now. Am I going to be okay? Am I gonna survive this?”

Harbour said that Reynolds was “sweet” about the whole situation–though offered no other details about their exchange. Looking back, Harbour said it remained a “very difficult experience because I wanted a lot out of it. I really like [Mike Mignola, Hellboy creator], I like that character. And then immediately when it began, even when it was announced, I realized that people did not want that character reinvented. I was very naive and optimistic about what we were going to do.”

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Author: David Wolinsky