Apex Legends Update Finally Fixes Xbox Input Lag

Two weeks after Apex Legends received an update that broke the game for next-gen Xbox players, Respawn has released an update that remedies the input lag issue that first appeared after the Awakening Collection Event went live with the 13.1 patch.

Xbox users gained access to the 13.1 patch two hours later than players on other platforms. When the update finally went live, players immediately began reporting issues on Xbox–namely input delay that made the game impossible to play. A previous attempt to address the bugs was made last week, but it appeared to cause more problems than it solved.

The input lag issue is emblematic of a common pattern in which one update causes a serious bug, but subsequent updates meant to address said bug end up adding even more bugs to the game, some of which remain unresolved for months at a time (like the bug that prevents party chat from working correctly on Xbox Series X|S, which has been unresolved for over three months).

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Author: Claire Lewis