Apex Legends Summer Sundown Event: Challenges, Rewards, And New Legendary Skin

Just after the Awakening Collection Event came to a close, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment launched a surprise event called the Summer Sundown Flash Event. While Arenas-based Flash Events are a regular occurrence in Apex Legends, this is the first Flash Event to hit the game’s original battle royale mode.

In addition to daily challenges and free rewards, the event has also given the in-game store a colorful makeover, with several new cosmetics and item bundles (including the exclusive Fluorescent Tech Legendary skin for Valkyrie). The Summer Sundown event runs until June 12, so players only have a week to complete challenges, obtain rewards, and purchase any premium skins they wish to own. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ Summer Sundown Flash Event.


Similar to previous Flash Events, the Summer Sundown event has a series of five challenges that refresh each day. So far, only battle royale mode challenges are visible. As with previous events, daily challenges have a second set of challenges that appear once you’ve completed the first set. For instance, once you complete the challenge requiring you to play two matches, it will then be updated to give you the option to gain more event XP by playing five matches. The first set of challenges (and their corresponding XP rewards) are as follows:

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Author: Claire Lewis