WoW: Dragonflight Talent Trees Will Allow For “Very Bad Builds”

When World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion ushers in a significant rework of the game’s current talent system later this year, it will do so with the goal of putting players in control, even if that means letting players make “bad” builds.

Blizzard has outlined its goals and philosophy behind the new talent tree system in a new blog post, giving players of the long-running MMORPG more details on what to expect come the arrival of Dragonflight. Certain core abilities, like basic class-defining combat abilities, non-combat related abilities, and group buffs or spells, will be obtained by each class prior to level 10 without needing to invest any talent points.

As for the rest of a class’s toolkit, players will need to select them via the game’s talent trees, which are reminiscent of the talent trees from the early days of the MMO. One talent tree will be for the class as a whole, while another will be for a chosen specialization for that class. Players will earn their first class tree point at level 10 and their first specialization point at level 11, after which points for each tree will alternate with each level gained. At level 70, players will have 31 class points and 30 specialization points.

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Author: Cameron Koch