Latest Apex Patch Fixes Loba, But Breaks Legend Abilities

Respawn Entertainment released a massive update for Apex Legends this week, but it appears the patch may have caused more problems than it solved.

The patch–which was released with no patch notes beyond a vague mention of “stability improvements”–appears to have fixed the issues with Loba’s tactical, which had been broken for nearly 50 days. The latest update was likely also intended to address the input lag issue that had been plaguing Xbox players since the 13.1 patch was released last week.

While we can confirm that Loba’s bracelet now appears to be functioning as intended, many players are claiming that input lag issues persist. Additionally, the party chat issues that Xbox users have been experiencing for over three months do not appear to have been resolved by the latest update. Even worse, new bugs are beginning to pop up–including one that breaks the players inventory and prevents them from using legend abilities after crafting at a Replicator.

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Author: Claire Lewis