Here’s What’s In The $5,000 Drink On The Disney Cruise

On the Disney Wish cruise line, patrons can soak up the sun, visit with their favorite Disney characters, and purchase an alcoholic drink that costs $5,000, called the Kaiburr Crystal. That’s not a typo. It’s a drink that costs $5K. Luckily we know what’s inside.

During GameSpot’s Chris E. Hayner’s trip on the Disney Wish, he found that the drink existed on the menu; however, no one would explain what the heck was in it or what would make is cost that much money.

Eventually, after speaking with another bartender on the cruise, we found out what is inside the Kaiburr Crystal. And there’s more to it than the drink itself. Served in a camtano–the ice cream maker-looking machine featured most recently in the possession of The Client (Werner Herzog)–the presentation is just as important as the drink itself.

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Author: Mat Elfring