New Skate “Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha” Gameplay Footage Released, You Can Playtest

A new Skate game is on the way, and though EA is not ready to divulge too many details about the project, it has released a very early gameplay video showing off what the team is working on.

The video, which features a “pre-pre-pre alpha” build of the game, doesn’t feature much in the way of environments or textures at first, instead showing how Skate’s physics are going to work and what some of the animations will be like for the skaters. Later in the video, we do see what looks like a more fully realized environment, and it looks mighty sharp for still being so early in development.

Alongside some funny bugs, the footage shows off some daring tricks you can perform, such as huge leaps across rooftops and grinds down stairway railing. It’s clear the developers are creating the game with players’ expectations in mind, and they’re taking that feedback into account.

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Author: Gabe Gurwin