Every Major GTA 6 Rumor And Fan Theory

It’s unclear when Grand Theft Auto 6, if it even ends up being called that, will release. We do know GTA 6 (we’ll call it that for simplicity’s sake throughout this piece) is in active development, as Rockstar Games itself confirmed that news in early 2022. Knowing Rockstar and its intense commitment to quality, however, that doesn’t exactly give us any idea of when we’ll be able to play the game. After all, it has already been nearly a decade since Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, and during the same period between 1999 and 2008, five Grand Theft Auto games launched.

Little, if anything, is concrete regarding Grand Theft Auto 6’s details thus far, but there have been a whole bunch of rumors. These vary wildly, with some touching on who you will play as–possibly including a playable woman for the first time in the series’ single-player mode–to where the game will take place. It doesn’t take a dedicated trickster to make up rumors involving a setting we’ve already seen in the series, like Vice City or Liberty City, but a few others have been mentioned, as well. These are all the rumors we’ve heard about Grand Theft Auto 6 thus far.

Rumor: GTA 6 will star a twin brother and sister

Building on past rumors that GTA 6 will feature a playable female character for the first time in the series (not counting created GTA Online characters) a rumor now says this will be one of two main characters in the game. According to a report from Xfire, the two characters will be twins–one man and one woman–on opposite sides of the drug war. It’s not clear if you’ll be able to play as both.

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