EA’s ‘pre-pre-pre-alpha’ video of the new Skate still looks pretty great

Image: EA

EA announced in 2020 that a new Skate game was on the way, and on Thursday, we got our first look — well, sort of. The company debuted a trailer with what it calls “pre-pre-pre-alpha” footage of the upcoming skateboarding sequel, and even in this early form, the game looks like it has a lot of promise.

The footage, unsurprisingly, mostly features skateboarding, though much of it has what’s clearly placeholder graphics and art. A later part of the video has more complete-looking graphics, and it appears this new Skate entry will continue the series’ realism. There are glimpses of a few more outlandish ideas, too, like some hilariously tall ramps and a building that looks inspired by a pachinko board. And many of the shots show a lot of…

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Author: Jay Peters