CoD: Warzone June 30 Patch Notes Include Lootable Perks For Fortune’s Keep, Plus Weapon Balancing

The latest update has arrived to Call of Duty: Warzone, and the June 30 patch notes reveal that lootable perks, which were recently added to the Caldera map, have now been added to Warzone’s smaller Fortune’s Keep Resurgence map. Major adjustments were also made to both weapons and attachments.

Just like on Warzone’s larger Caldera map, players can now get geared up with lootable perks on Fortune’s Keep. These lootable perks can be randomly obtained from ground loot and opening supply boxes. They are legendary rarity, but players can equip one of each perk type found. There is no perk limit here, but only one of each perk type can be equipped per match.

For the weapon balancing, Warzone’s most popular the NZ-41 assault rifle received a slight nerf, decreasing the weapon’s lower torso damage multiplier from 1.1 down to 1.0. Additionally, two of the NZ-41’s attachments received major nerfs. The Orb Weaver 360mm BC barrel and the 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mags magazine attachment received major decreases to recoil control.

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Author: S.E. Doster