TweetDeck for Mac is going away, so it’s time to download Tweeten

The Twitter bird logo in white against a dark background with outlined logos around it and red circles rippling out from it.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

TweetDeck for Mac will shut down in just two days on July 1st. I rely on the TweetDeck app for my job as a news writer here at The Verge — I live for my alerts about big news and like being able to scroll the infinity of my Twitter columns — and I was disappointed to hear TweetDeck was going away. But if you’re looking for a replacement, you should seriously check out Tweeten. I downloaded it up a day or two after Twitter announced TweetDeck was going away, and I haven’t looked back.

Tweeten is basically TweetDeck. Like Twitter’s official power user app, Tweeten lets you do things like tweet right from the client and make columns of all different kinds so that you can plug into the matrix. Seriously, just look at this Tweeten screenshot…

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Author: Jay Peters