The Last Fortress: Underground Is A Life Simulator Home Management Sim Set In The Zombie Apocalypse

IM30, Life Is A Game Limited, and Bitmen Studios have collaborated to release a new strategy mobile game, The Last Fortress: Underground. In Last Fortress: Underground, players will control a group of survivors in a base underground while trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Similar to Fallout Shelter, players must expand their fortress underground while maintaining their community’s health. As players expand their base, other survivors will be drawn to it. You’ll be able to decide if you want to take them in and what task they’ll be best suited for in your base.

The Last Fortress: Underground will feature a cross-sectional view to make it easier for players to navigate their base as it grows. It will also have a straightforward layout that lets you see what’s happening at all times in each section of your fortress.

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Author: Luis Gutierrez