Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope Plays More Like A Mario Game

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is the unlikely sequel to the unlikeliest of hits. The original Mario + Rabbids game, Kingdom Battle, was a wild collaboration between Nintendo’s most iconic characters and Ubisoft’s screaming, Minion-like goofballs, all mashed together with a healthy dose of XCOM. Most shocking of all was that it all worked together beautifully. For Sparks of Hope, Ubisoft is experimenting further with free movement more reminiscent of a traditional Mario game, new playable characters like Bowser, and an emphasis on flexibility with its new Sparks system.

“To me, it was a dream project and it was almost unbelievable to have the opportunity to start to work on a game with Mario and Rabbids,” creative director Davide Soliani told GameSpot. “I always respected, as a player and as a developer, [Nintendo’s] IP, but it was very tense for me to go in front of them and to pitch our idea. And since then, we kept collaborating together because we did Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but we also worked on [Donkey Kong Adventure]. Then we started with Sparks of Hope.

“I will say that we are now collaborating with Nintendo for eight years in a row. We never stopped collaborating with them, and this gave us confidence, strength, and knowledge of how to not just be respectful of their IP but also to know more about the Mario universe, going deeper and deeper. But we also strengthened our relationship in terms of exchanging ideas.”

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Author: Steve Watts