Warframe Tips for Beginners: What To Do First

Warframe has become one of the largest action role-playing games with continuous content from new story content, weapons, and warframes released over the past eight years with very little slow down on updates or downloadable content. With the game’s deep well-written narrative, worldbuilding, insightful lore with excruciatingly detailed and nuanced characters, Warframe has managed to grab millions of new players in a short amount of time.

But it’s also daunting. You could play hundreds and hundreds of hours, while still not knowing the vast majority of what this game holds. Even when reaching 500 hours of playtime, you may still be considered a beginner in some ways. With crossplay alongside cross-save support approaching, this is a wonderful time to begin.

This guide will focus on helping new players who may be starting out in Warframe. With it, you’ll be able to dive into long-term goals that will keep you engaged throughout your adventure, alongside some general tips to take into account.

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Author: Veerender Singh Jubbal