Halo Infinite Dev Explains Why The Studio Isn’t Fixing Hit-Detection Issues Right Now

A senior developer working on Halo Infinite has explained why 343 Industries is currently not implementing updates to help with hit-detection issues, among other things.

Senior sandbox designer Brian Berryhill respond to concerns on Reddit (via VGC), saying there are “a lot of factors” at play in regards to ongoing updates to Halo Infinite. But the long and short of it is that developers that would normally work on fixes to issues like hit-registration “have been allocated to other Infinite work.”

Berryhill was specifically responding to a video (see it below) that seemed to show melee hit registration wasn’t working as it should in Halo Infinite. The developer said the team appreciates fans putting together compilation videos regarding issues with Halo Infinite, adding that such videos are seen by 343 developers in bug and task threads internally.

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Author: Eddie Makuch