Raft: The Final Chapter – How To Unlock All New Characters

After a long period spent in Steam Early Access, Raft has finally received its 1.0 update and official release. The PC exclusive introduces several new characters in what’s billed as “The Final Chapter,” but this final chapter is just a new beginning for some players. If you want to have more characters available to you than just Maya and Rouhi, use our guide to learn how to unlock all characters in Raft.

Raft – How to unlock new characters

The roster of Raft characters grows to six with The Final Chapter, but you’ll need to unlock four of them who aren’t given more than a silhouette on the main menu screen. Their names are Johnny, Elaine, Shogo, and Tala. They each require specific tasks to be completed before you can unlock them as playable characters, so we’ll break them all down one by one.

How to unlock Tala in Raft

Tala can be unlocked first among new characters. To have her join your roster, you simply need to have access to the Radio Tower early in the game. If you haven’t unlocked the Radio Tower yet, you’ll need to complete some of the game’s earliest steps that tutorialize different game mechanics. This includes crafting the research table, a receiver, and three antennae. Then you’ll need to install these items on your raft before it’ll ping a location for you. That location is the Radio Tower.

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Author: Mark Delaney