How To Get Every Free Reward From Apex Legends Mobile’s Latest Login Event

Apex Legends Mobile‘s new Cheers to the Apex Community event isn’t the record-breaking mobile game‘s first login bonus event, but it is one of the first to contain high-quality free rewards.

While previous login bonus events have provided players with low-tier cosmetic rewards, Cheers to the Apex Community contains several unique, valuable free rewards–including a Legendary-tier cosmetic. Keep reading for a closer look at all the snazzy prizes available in the new event, along with some tips on how to make the most of them.

Getting started

Upon opening the Apex Mobile app, you will be met with a splash screen announcing the event. You will have automatically unlocked the first prize, so simply hit “claim” to obtain it. If you accidentally close the window before claiming your prize, select the Seasonal Events banner on the right side of the screen, then select the Limited Time tab. This page will take you to a page listing active limited-time seasonal events like Loba’s Soirée. On the right side of this screen is a menu naming the active events. Select the Cheers to the Apex Community tab from this menu, which will then take you to the event page where you can redeem any unclaimed prizes.

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Author: Claire Lewis