Some WoW Fans Are Begging Blizzard To Delay Dragonflight

The release of World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Dragonflight, is far closer than most players expected, with Blizzard recently confirming the expansion to be on track for a 2022 release.

That was not news many players in the game’s community expected to hear. After all, when Blizzard announced Dragonflight back in April, it made sure not to give any kind of release date or window, instead telling players it would arrive when it was ready. “When it’s ready” is apparently very soon, as in “before or on December 31, 2022” soon.

Players aren’t sure what to make of this. On one hand, the community is desperate to move on from the disappointment that was Shadowlands and return to Azeroth proper. On the other hand, given the late announcement of the expansion and the fact that alpha testing for Dragonflight has yet to start on the game’s public test realm (but is likely coming very soon), players are concerned a 2022 release date is too soon. As such, a significant part of the community is practically begging Blizzard to delay Dragonflight, take its time, and release the expansion sometime in early 2023 instead.

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Author: Cameron Koch