Blizzard Will Detail What’s Next For Diablo Immortal In The “Next Few Weeks”

Amidst concerns over microtransactions, Blizzard will soon share more details about Diablo Immortal’s next battle pass, new features, and bug fixes.

Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher recently took to the game’s subreddit in response to a player asking when patches or updates will be coming to Diablo Immortal. The game launched in most regions on June 2, and since then, there hasn’t been much word from Blizzard on when players should expect new updates.

According to Fletcher, news about what’s next for Diablo Immortal will be coming “in the next few weeks as we get to the tail end of the current battle pass,” which expires in around two weeks. Blizzard will detail its content release cadence and discuss more about the game’s next battle pass, upcoming features, and planned fixes around that time, Fletcher writes.

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Author: Cameron Koch