Apex Legends Mobile’s New Animated Short Reveals Fade’s Past

One of Apex Legends Mobile‘s biggest draws is its mobile-exclusive legend, Fade, whose history could only be uncovered by collecting Fade Chips in the mobile game and piecing his past together. But today, all of that changed with the release of “Meet Fade,” a Stories From The Outlands-style fully animated short detailing the new Legend’s backstory.

Players were given the general gist of Fade’s history via his in-game bio (which was later updated with more information), and by collecting Fade Chips, which revealed most of the details. But Respawn seems to understand the value in introducing new characters via animated shorts, especially for players who may not have completed the in-game quest to unlock Fade’s backstory, or who didn’t start playing Apex Mobile until after the event was over.

The short itself doesn’t reveal too much new information, but it does give players a closer look at exactly how Fade’s simulacrum suit heist went down–and how it went sideways. Fade (real name Ignacio Huamani), his father, and his brothers are all former mercenaries-turned-treasure-hunters. After tracking down a crashed IMC cargo ship containing a simulacrum suit, Ignacio immediately tries it on–much to his brother’s dismay, as the suit they’re stealing is meant to be sold to a client.

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Author: Claire Lewis