Hunt Showdown Tips For Beginners: How To Survive In The Haunted Bayou

Hunt Showdown is an unforgiving game that can feel intimidating to new players. Borrowing from genres like survival-horror and extraction royale, Hunt Showdown is the ruthless end result you’d expect from such a blend. The “get in, get loot, get out” gameplay loop of games like Escape From Tarkov and Vigor are made that much more petrifying when you’re dealing not in building supplies and crafting materials, but the dropped trophies of massive monsters. But with a bit of guidance, your trek across the haunted bayou can be made more welcoming–to a degree, anyway. Here are our tips for surviving and thriving in Hunt Showdown.

Play all three phases of the tutorial

This one should be obvious, but you’d be surprised. The tutorial in Hunt comes in three difficulty modes, though the content itself doesn’t change much on the surface. But don’t let that mean you play it once and head into a live competitive round. Play the tutorial at each difficulty for two reasons.

First, because you’ll earn Blood Bonds each time and you can spend those on things like hunters and weapons. But perhaps more importantly, you’ll get a better feel for how tough the game can really get sometimes. On the lowest difficulty, the monsters in your tutorial won’t really reflect just how sponge-like and vicious they’ll be in a live round.

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Author: Mark Delaney