New One Piece teaser shows off how Netflix’s adaptation will bring Eiichiro Oda’s art to life

Concept art of The Going Merry. | Netflix

Though Netflix’s upcoming One Piece series is still shooting, co-showrunners Matt Owens and Steve Maeda, and actor Iñaki Godoy, joined this year’s Netflix Geeked Week to hype up their new show, and give fans a look at what they’ve been cooking up. While the trio didn’t have much to share in the way of fresh shots from the series itself, the new behind-the-scenes production video Netflix dropped made clear that its One Piece may be bringing a level of heat that the streamer’s other live-action anime adaptations have been lacking.

In the video, Owens and Maeda dig into how, because of the fantastical, heightened nature of the world Eiichiro Oda created with the original One Piece manga, they felt it was necessary that many of the show’s…

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Author: Charles Pulliam-Moore