Netflix Unleashes Horrifying New Clips From School Tales

If you’re looking for something new in the realm of horror to watch, Netflix has an upcoming series that may pique your interest. School Tales: The Series is a Thai horror anthology show with a different spin on horror. During Netflix’s Geeked Week, three clips were revealed from the show.

Coming soon to Netflix, check out the clips for the anthology series below. There were three clips released, and each clip comes from a different episode, giving you a look at the type of scares this show will bring.

Additionally, key art was revealed for the show as well, showing off the ensemble cast. However, if you look in the background of the photo, there are plenty of scary-looking creatures hanging out. Little is known about this show at this time, so your guess is as good as ours as to what is going on in this show. Take a look at the new art below.

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Author: Mat Elfring