Netflix Debuts First Teaser For The Sandman And Premiere Date At Geeked Week

Netflix’s highly anticipated live-action adaptation of The Sandman, a cult classic run of Vertigo comics by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, has finally debuted its first full length trailer during Netflix’s Geeked Week. The show also received a premiere date: August 5.

Take a look at the teaser trailer right now.

The Sandman is the story of Morpheus, the titular Sandman and King of Dreams, one of the “Endless,” or god-like personifications of esoteric concepts that govern life. Following the comics, the show follows an incident where Morpheus was ensnared in a trap by a human magician who had been trying to capture Death but got Dream instead. For years, Morpheus was kept in a cage, causing a worldwide epidemic of “sleeping sickness,” where people were no longer able to dream, or in some cases, no longer able to wake up. When Morpheus is eventually able to escape, he finds his realm in disrepair and his powers severely weakened, with his enemies primed to move against him and the balance of reality hanging by a precarious thread.

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Author: Mason Downey