iFixit uses its tools to dismantle Apple’s self-service iPhone repair tools

The kit Apple sent to The Verge’s Sean Hollister, just to replace his iPhone 12 mini’s battery. | Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

iFixit regularly performs dissections of the latest Apple gadgets, but this time, the repair resource site pitted its tools against other tools by taking apart Apple’s new iPhone self-service repair kit (via iMore). The take-apart process on Apple’s repair tools was documented and posted on iFixit’s YouTube channel, giving an inside look at the display press, battery press, and heated display removal contraptions.

The video starts off with a take-apart of the display press, which has a really smoothly operating handle that the iFixit host was most fond of, describing it as a “swan takes flight every time it glides up.” The handle is smooth because it uses ball bearings that move on a circulating track like a conveyor belt as the press…

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Author: Umar Shakir