Apple’s Weather app is finally coming to iPad

It only took 12 years. | Image: Apple

Apple is finally bringing its first-party Weather app to iPad as part of iPadOS 16. Finally. The first iPad launched in 2010, and it hasn’t had the official Weather app that whole time.

The company shared a few screenshots at WWDC 2022, and if you’re familiar with the app on iPhone, it will look pretty familiar. The app’s background reflects the weather, and there’s a big dashboard of statistics. It’s basically the iPhone app but blown up to tablet size.

Image: Apple

Here’s a screenshot of the weather in Seattle in the new iPadOS Weather app.

Image: Apple

And here’s the weather in San Carlos de Bariloche.

It’s unclear exactly why it took Apple 12 years to add a weather app to iPad,…

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Author: Jay Peters