PlayStation’s Push Into Mobile Gaming: Snapshot Of Sony’s Past And Present Mobile Market Plans

Sony has made it clear it’s looking to diversify its business and explore new territories beyond PlayStation’s single-player console games and into PC, mobile, and live-service markets. During the G&S segment of a Sony business briefing, CEO Jim Ryan reiterated the company’s commitment to pursue PC and mobile audiences.

In the slide specifically about mobile, Ryan said the company has “aggressive growth plans.” Sony will partner with successful mobile developers, establish internal mobile development teams, and publish external mobile games. By the 2025 fiscal year (the period ending in March 2026), Sony aims for mobile games to represent 20% of its first-party portfolio releases, a noticeable jump from 0% in 2019 FY and 10% in the current fiscal year. Below is what we know so far about Sony’s developments in the mobile gaming market.

What’s the 10%?

Wipeout Rush (Rogue Games)–Announced in 2021, Wipeout Rush is an installment in the Wipeout universe, a PlayStation classic. It’s a card-based racing game, complete with a retro comic book art style.

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Author: Jenny Zheng