Classified Military Documents Leaked By War Thunder Players For The Third Time

A player of Gaijin Entertainment’s MMO combat simulator, War Thunder, has once again leaked confidential military documents on the game’s forum, according to UK Defense Journal (via PC Gamer). The leak details a secret piece of Chinese military hardware: The DTC10-125, a 125mm sabot round. The DTC10-125 is compatible with various Chinese MBTs and is excellent at taking out enemy tanks. The player behind the leaks didn’t just post the DTC10-125’s documentation–they posted a photo of its documentation with the projectile in question sitting right on top of the paperwork. Naturally, Chinese authorities are not pleased.

But contrary to what one might think, this move wasn’t a calculated attack on the Chinese government motivated by some political ideology. No, the reason these classified details were leaked was because War Thunder’s in-game version of the classified projectile wasn’t accurate enough. A perceived lack of accuracy was also the motive when War Thunder forum members leaked specs of the UK’s Challenger 2 tank in July 2021, and later leaked the classified details of a French tank in October 2021.

War Thunder is known for its detailed approximations of real-life military equipment.
War Thunder is known for its detailed approximations of real-life military equipment.

Notably, it’s possible that these so-called inaccuracies were just placeholder values not meant to represent the final in-game product. A Resetera forum user known as Nobleman Swerve gave a potential explanation for the inaccuracies, explaining that Gaijin Entertainment has recently shut down a development server that was accessible to the public and previewed upcoming content, and that this server could be the source of all the confusion.

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Author: Claire Lewis