Undertale’s Toby Fox Composed Music For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Toby Fox, the developer behind indie hits Undertale and Deltarune, has revealed he is helping compose the music for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Following the newest trailer for the ninth-generation Pokemon games dropping earlier this morning, Fox took to Twitter to announce the collaboration, writing, “I had the honor of composing the field music for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! After creating a concept sketch, Game Freak arranged it into many versions that you’ll hear throughout the game. You can hear a bit of it in this trailer…”

Fox then confirmed the field music isn’t the only piece he arranged for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. According to Fox, we can expect a few more of his original tracks to be featured throughout the games and, unlike in Pokemon Sword and Shield, this time his music is “not optional.” The composer’s comment is in reference to his work on Sword and Shield’s Battle Tower theme, which only plays in an optional area players can explore after completing the game.

Prior to his work on Pokemon Sword and Shield, Fox worked with Game Freak on the studio’s 2019 title Little Town Hero. Currently, the developer is working on the next three chapters of Deltarune, which are scheduled to release simultaneously. Set in a parallel universe to Undertale, Deltarune is a pixel-art RPG that follows a teenage human named Kris on their journey to save the world. Fox has stated the game will consist of seven chapters, two of which are already available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch.

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Author: Jessica Howard