Card Shark Tips For Beginners

Card Shark is a dizzying lesson in card manipulation. It pins Nicolai Troshinky’s admiration for the 1975 Stanley Kubrick film, Barry Lyndon, to Arnaud de Bock (Reigns, Pikuniku) and Nerial’s resume of designing intuitive puzzlers that embrace creative thinking. It follows a young runaway mute who gambles their life away in an alternate history of 18th century France and in a very Devolver way, sprinkles in pirates, powdered wigs, fencing duels, monoprinted paintings of French architecture and neighboring countrysides, and a hidden royal conspiracy called The Twelve Bottles Of Milk.

It’s out there for a game about card cheating, but that’s the point. Card Shark features over 20-plus different cheating techniques derived from real-life iterations of card marking and deck switching, and it balances its oddities with mini-games and three difficulty levels that test your memory and quick thinking in high stress scenarios. The tension can be deafening, so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to cheat your way through 18th century French society without getting caught.

Focus on cheating, not winning

Despite what you think, Card Shark isn’t about playing cards. It never really reveals what card game is being played across Agen, Espalion, Marseilles, and other quaint parts of southwestern France, and instead, it convinces you to minimize variables and focus on what matters most: the execution of a cheat. As an accomplice to the Comte de St-Germain, hand values are meaningless and players are responsible for executing the precise setup of new strategies in order to help him win the round and delay fellow gamblers from turning a simple trick into an unavoidable consequence.

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Author: Joshua Khan