Niantic Announces A New Pokémon Go Adventure Week For 2022

Adventure Week is back for 2022, kicking off the brand-new Season of Go with a week of Rock-type and Fossil Pokemon. The event will begin on Tuesday June 7 at 10 AM in trainers’ local time, and continue until Sunday June 12 at 8 PM.

The event brings two new Rock-type Pokemon into Pokemon Go for the first time–Tyrunt and Amaura, the two fossil Pokemon introduced for Pokemon X and Y. Trainers can either hatch the new Pokemon from 7km Eggs obtained during the event, or encounter them by doing Field Research tasks.

As well as the debuting Pokemon, lucky trainers will have the chance to catch Shiny Tirtouga and Shiny Archen for the first time in Pokemon Go. A number of other Rock-type and Fossil Pokemon will be spotlighted during the event, in wild encounters, Raids, and Field Research, with the following Pokemon appearing more often:

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Author: Hayley Williams