Knockout City Season 6: Brawl Pass, New Features, And More

Knockout City has officially split from its publisher EA, and is now a free-to-play game. That means anybody can hop into some chaotic multiplayer dodgeball fun. Knockout City is kicking off the free-to-play festivities with the start of Season 6: City of Tomorrow, which includes a new ball, Brawl Pass, Street Rank tier, and more. Here is everything new in Knockout City Season 6.

A new ball and League Play rewards

Season 6 brings some small updates to the gameplay of Knockout City, with the main addition being a new type of dodgeball. The Boomerang Ball is a cyan colored ball that comes back after being thrown. If you hit a player or hit a wall with the Boomerang Ball, it will head right back towards you. You can even use the wall to gain charge, but if an opponent catches the ball after it hits the wall, they can use that charge against you.

League Play is getting a slight upgrade, with the addition of rank rewards at all tiers, so the best of the best can be rewarded appropriately. There will be Player Icons, Holobux, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, and exclusive cosmetics at every tier from Bronze all the way up to Diamond, so even those players who are just doing their best will get rewarded for playing League Play.

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Author: James Carr