Diablo Immortal Guide: How To find And Upgrade Legendary Gems

Diablo Immortal is filled with different items to make your character stronger, but none are more important than Legendary Gems. You can have six of these equipped at a time, one in each primary gear slot, and they provide massive stats boosts and unique effects that can define your character’s build.

The catch is that not all Legendary Gems are created equal. Some are more rare and powerful than others, which can make figuring out how to get the best gems a little confusing. Here’s what you need to know on how to acquire these essential items–and how to make them even more powerful in Blizzard’s mobile-first RPG.

How to find Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems come in a few different varieties: 1-Star, 2-Star, and 5-Star. As you can imagine, 5-Star gems are vastly superior to 1-Star and 2-Star Legendary Gems, but they are also far more rare and difficult to obtain.

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Author: Cameron Koch