Diablo Immortal: Does It Have Controller Support?

With Diablo Immortal now available in all of its hellish glory, mobile and PC players can set off on a journey together through Sanctuary. But while both versions of the game have well-designed controls for their respective platforms, you may find yourself yearning to tackle this ARPG with a controller. Luckily, that’s not going to be a problem.

Diablo Immortal offers controller support on both mobile and PC, and the controller should be detected automatically upon launching the game. In the settings, you can remap buttons for everything from skills to chat options, allowing for plenty of customization and comfort.

Which controllers are supported?

Each platform has its own list of officially supported controllers, though it’s worth noting this list may not be entirely exhaustive, and it may be quietly updated as Blizzard continues working on the game.

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Author: Billy Givens