The Boys Most-Anticipated Season 3 Episode Remixes The Source Material, But Remains Super Dirty

For fans of the comic book series The Boys, one of the filthiest, most graphic storylines that comes to mind is Herogasm, a limited series that features superheroes doing drugs, having sex, and whatever other debaucherous things they can. For The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, this was something on his mind since the show first began.

Speaking with Kripke, he admits Herogasm wasn’t a primary focus for him, but it was always something he was asked about. “When I first got the job to adapt The Boys, every person who knew the comic always said exactly the same thing, which is, ‘I dare you to do Herogasm,'” the showrunner told GameSpot. “And at that point, we weren’t sure we were going to be hit, and we had to sort of fight for our stability and everything, but now in Season 3, I was comfortable enough with the success of the show that I went to Amazon. I said, ‘This is the year guys. We’re doing Herogasm.’ And almost with like, parental patience, they were like, ‘We knew this day would come.’ I don’t know if anyone could truly touch the depravity that’s in those books. But I think we made a truly shocking episode of television.”

Now in its third season, Kripke previously revealed the event will happen in Episode 6, which is titled “Herogasm.” It’s gotten many fans excited about the episode. However, don’t expect the same story from the comic book limited series though, as Herogasm is a single episode of Season 3, and things have been changed around a little bit so it fits the narrative of this latest season. “There’s a different story happening in Herogasm, but the setting and a lot of what happened in the books in terms of like the wild shit is there. It’s just everyone is there for a slightly different reason than they were in the books.”

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Author: Mat Elfring