Shenmue Creator Announces Air Twister For Apple Arcade

Yu Suzuki is known is known as the creator of Shenmue, Virtua Fighter, dozens of other classic Sega arcade and console games, and Space Harrier, which is perhaps his most relevant game to the announcement of his latest project, Air Twister.

Coming exclusively to Apple Arcade on June 24, Air Twister is a throwback arcade shooter. The game follows a character named Princess Arch as she wages a war against alien invaders and helps save the giant geese who are native to her planet.

In a briefing for the game attended by GameSpot, Suzuki shared his love for classic floppy disc games like Mystery House and Ultima and how it made him excited to work on a game that felt closer to his arcade roots and was a straightforward and replayable.

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Author: Kyle Hilliard