Everwild: Everything We Know

Everwild, Rare’s co-op action-adventure game set in a world of magnificent flora and fauna, was first revealed in 2019, but now, three years later, we arguably know less than we did back then. The reasons for that are complex, but there’s still plenty to be excited about if you’re waiting for what should be a visual feast at the very least. Here’s everything we know about Everwild so far.

Release date and “reboot”

Everwild is currently without a release date, in part because the game has allegedly gone under an internal reboot, with development on the game reportedly proving more difficult than once expected. According to a VGC report, the game has been “completely” rebooted under Rare’s Gregg Mayles (who also worked on Sea of Thieves) following the departure of Creative Director Simon Woodroffe. The game is now said to be “optimistically” targeting a 2024 launch.

That leaves Everwild in a very uncertain state, at least according to what we last heard publicly. A “complete reboot” with a turnaround of two or three years may not be enough time for what is likely to be Rare’s next major project, but then again, games are so often delayed anyway, maybe the 2024 date being floated by some credible reports can be thrown out as highly unlikely.

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Author: Mark Delaney